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NYS Bail Enforcement 25 hour Certification Program    Tuition $495.00


 The successful bail bond agent understands and utilizes bail risk management standards.

Every agent interested in criminal justice should study criminal surety. Bail Law of New York introduces the student to the bail system in New York.  New York courts accept collateral as security for bail bonds. The best security is real property. Minus the mortgage the equity must be twice the amount of the bond. For example, a $100,000. bail bond would require $200,000 in equity for approval of the bail.  The insurance company who produces the power of attorney accepted by the court is held responsible for defendent appearance. These bail bonds may be refered to as appearance bonds Failujre to appear puts in motion recovery agents who track and return fugitives to the courts. These agents are paid from the collateral deposited with the bail bond agent. Courts determine the status of persons signing for defendants. Status means the indemnitors are financially able to pay any court penalties levied by the court. The court will look to the insurance company for payment of penalties. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to demand payment from indemnitors. The bail risk manager works with the bail agent to verify income and asset information provided by indemnitors.

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